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Hello friends, welcome to StudyDev. Today we are going to give you information about this post ANM Full Form in Medical. You would know that medicine is considered the best field in India. People have a lot of interest in it. You would know that nursing in India is done by a lot of students.

Today we will tell you in this post ANM full form, what is ANM course, how much is its fee, and what are its top colleges in India. If you are going to get all these details then let’s start.

ANM Full Form In Medical

The full form of Anm is – Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery. This is a course only for special girls. You can do it after the 12th class. This course is for working in the special health sector. With this, you know the nursing field completely. We can complete it within 2 years.

ANM Full Form In Hindi – सहायक नर्सिंग मिडवाइफरी

ANM Full Form In Telugu – సహాయక నర్సింగ్ మిడ్‌వైఫరీ

ANM Full Form In Marathi – सहायक नर्सिंग दाई

ANM Full Form In Bengali – সহায়ক নার্সিং মিডওয়াইফারি

ANM Full Form In Medical

What Is ANM Nursing Course – ANM Full Form In Medical 

Let us tell you that the course is a medical course. We are required to do an internship of 6 months after completing it in two years.

You are given information related to maternal health care and pregnancy during the Anm course. This course is also known as Anm Nursing. The girls who do the Anm course, especially to take care of the people in the village It is prepared. We know it by the name of the midwife in the village. Whenever a woman is pregnant in the village, only then she completes her job.

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ANM Course Eligibility, Fees and Salary

  • Let us tell you that if you want to take admission in ANM course, then you must first pass +2 class. You should have passed from any recognized board.
  • You can apply the only girls in any stream like Arts, Science, Commerce to do this course.
  • You should have 45% marks in the 12th class.
  • Your age must be between 17 to 35 years.
  • Along with this, it is also important for the candidate to be mentally and physically healthy.

ANM Course Fees –

So now let’s talk about the fees of the ANM Course, let us tell you that if you do ANM Course from any government college, you will have to pay about 10000 rupees.

On the contrary, if you complete the ANM course from any private college, then you may have to pay a fee of up to 2 lakhs. You will know that the fees of private colleges are more than that of government colleges.

ANM Course Salary –

Let us tell you that if you complete the ANM course, then you get a month’s salary of 9000 to 12000. This salary is for those who just join after completing the ANM course. Without this, when it is two years If the experience is more than that, then they are paid more than this.

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Top 7 ANM Course Colleges in India

  1. Indira Gandhi nursing school (Ahmedabad)
  2. IIMT Group of Collage (Agra)
  3. K D A Nursing College (Mumbai)
  4. TMU (Teerthanker Mahaveer University), Moradabad
  5. Shri Swami Bhumanand collage- school of Nursing (Haridwar)
  6. AIMT (Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies), Lucknow
  7. BIMSR (Bhava Institute of Medical Science & Research), Bhubaneswar
GNM and ANM full form – Difference Between ANM & GNM

GNM Full Form – General Nursing and Midwifery

ANM Full-Form – Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery

ANM-Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery

GNM – General Nursing and Midwifery

ANM course is a two-year Nursing Diploma. GNM course is a Three-year Nursing Diploma.
You can do an ANM course even after the 10th class. To do the GNM Nursing course, you must have passed the 12th class.
Let me tell you that only girls can do the ANM courses. Both boys and girls can do the GNM course.
Any girl who does ANM has to work as an assistant nurse. After doing the GNM Nursing course you have to work as a general nurse.
After completing the ANM course, the girls are appointed to look after the rural people. The GNM nurse has to work as a nurse in the hospital. They are appointed in the nurse ward.
After doing the ANM Nursing course, you get a salary of 8 to 12 thousand rupees per month. If you do GNM nursing then you get 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month.



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