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Hello friends and welcome to StudyDev. Today we are going to tell you about the biggest change in the Indian banking system i.e. ATM Full Form. You will know how happy ATM has made our lives.

Nowadays people use banks and ATMs more in banks. People now like to withdraw money from ATM machines instead of completing checks and other formality in the bank. We do not take any time for this, we can withdraw our money from the ATM as per our wish.

So let’s see what is the full form or full name of this ATM. It is a term that is used every day and children know it. But its full name is not known. So if you want to know about PPE Kit full form, WFH full form then you can read all these articles

Atm Full Form – Atm Ka Full Form

Full-Form Of ATM - Automated Teller Machine 

Atm Full-Form – Women Withdraw Cash Through Atm Machine

How does an ATM work? ATM Full Form

You will know that many banks are found in our country. Some banks are private and some are public banks. It provides ATM service to its customers. For which it charges on some percentage payment. This gives the banks little income.

So let’s see how you can withdraw money from an ATM machine. You will be aware that ATM is a machine and for this we need human. This man can be a bank employee or can also be an ATM company man. Which operate at the ATM money or if it goes bad.

So this is the step that you can follow, to withdraw your money from ATM.

1. First of all you must have an ATM card. Which can also be from the same bank or any other bank.

2. After this, you should know about the PIN of its ATM, which we also call the password. If you have forgotten your ATM PIN, the ATM also allows you to change it.

3. If all this is right for you, then you should go to any of your nearest bank which has ATM facility.

4. Now first of all you have to insert your card into the ATM machine. You will also see it written in the ATM that you enter your card.

5. After this you enter your PIN or Password.

6. After this, you have the option to choose a bank account, you can select the account of your bank, if it is a savings account or a current account, then you can select it.

7. After this, you also get the option to enter your amount. For this, you also get a manual option on one side. In which you see this machine by yourself that you can choose 500, 1000 and 10000 rupees. Or you can fill as much payment as you want with your own hands.

8. After doing all this the automated teller machine will take a little time. After this, you will get the amount you had filled at that time.

9. After this, this machine will ask you to take a receipt for your payment. If you want your bank details then you can remove them.

10. After doing all this, you have to press the button of the ATM which is marked with a red cross two or three times. This keeps your bank and card safe.

11. Let us tell you that this bank ATM gives you the service of viewing your bank balance. You can check and withdraw money from an ATM without going to the bank. For this, your bank account should have the full amount.


Atm Full-Form

What is the Full Form of Atm and History Of ATM 

You will know that there are many banks in India. Which allows its customers to withdraw money online and transfer this money to someone else’s account.

First of all, the ATM machine was started in 1967 at Barclays Bank in London. According to information, in 1960 the effect of ATM has been found in Japan. In the 1970s itself, the bank helped its customers send and withdraw money to each other. Due to this identity, ATMs have been installed all over the world at a rapid pace. These ATMs were found in India and without every big and small country and city.So far, 3.5 million ATMs have been installed to serve the people.

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Atm Full Form In Others language

  • Atm Full Form In Hindi – स्वचालित टेलर मशीन
  • Atm Full Form In English – Automated Teller Machine 
  • Atm Full Form In Computer – Automated Teller Machine 
  • Atm Full Form In Marathi – स्वयंचलित टेलर मशीन


Basic Parts of ATM

  1. Card Reader
  2. Keypad
  3. Display Screen
  4. Speaker
  5. Receipt Printer
  6. Cash Dispenser


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Benefits of Atm Machine – ATM Ki Full Form

Let me tell you that ATMs have many advantages. Which we are going to see.

1. You get ATM service 24 hours. But in many cases, it can not give full service if there are no caches in it.

2. One advantage of this is that it reduces the work of the bank on the bank employee. Why do people withdraw money from the ATM and check their balance?

3. Without this, automated machines have also been installed in many banks to enter the bank copy.

4. One advantage of this is that whenever we are going to the city market, we can withdraw our money.

5. ATM allows us to withdraw money without any problem.

6. You can withdraw and deposit money with the help of an ATM machine. These two ATMs are different.



So, friends, we finish this article on this. We have given you information about the ATM full form of this post today, how it works and what are its benefits. So if you like this post, then do share it with your friends.


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