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DPP Full Form

In 1990, the Director of Public Prosecutions Act was enacted to establish, conduct, and supervise prosecutions and related proceedings.

DPP can have multiple full forms depending on the context. Here are some of the commonly used full forms of DPP – 

  1. DPP – Director of Public Prosecutions
  2. DPP – Direct Payment Plan
  3. DPP – Daily Practice Problems
  4. DPP – Digital Photography Review
  5. DPP – Differential Privacy Preservation
  6. DPP – Dabhol Power Project
  7. DPP – Defence Procurement Policy
  8. DPP – Detailed Planning Permission
  9. DPP – Danish Peoples Party
  10. DPP – Dominican Province Of The Philippines
  11. DPP – Division Of Psychiatry Product 


DPP Full Form In Study

The Daily Practice Problems (DPP) series includes 26 books with a unique blend of topics.

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DPP Full Form In Medical

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Blood Glucose Control

DPP Full Form In Chemistry

Dike to pyrrolo pyrrole (DPP) pigments as organic semiconductors

DPP Full Form In Maths

There is a comprehensive section on Relations & Inverse Trigonometric Functions in the present Daily Practice Problems (DPP) book.

DPP Full Form In Education

Daily Practice Problem

FAQ About DPP Full Form 

  1. What is the full form of the DPP question?

ANS – Daily Practice Problems

2. What is the full form of DPP programming?

Diabetes Prevention Program

3. What is the full form of DPC education?

Departmental Promotion Committee

4. What is DPP in coaching?

Daily Practice Problems

5. What is the meaning of DPP in NEET?

Daily Practice Problem


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