How To Join Merchant Navy In India – Entrance Exam, Salary


Hello, friends welcome to Studydev. You must know that the Indian Navy and Merchant Navy are very popular jobs in India. If you want to do a job in Merchant Navy then we will guide you step by step in this post How to Join Merchant Navy.

If you have this question in your mind that what is Merchant Navy? How much is its salary and for which entrance exams are conducted. You will get all this information in this article. So read the post till the end.

What Is Merchant Navy?

If we talk about merchant navy then it is not a government job. People consider it a government job. Let us tell you that the merchant navy can be a semi-government but the merchant navy is not a proper government job.

So know what is the work of the merchant navy – let us tell you that there is a lot of import and export work in India and in the world. All this work is done by Merchant Navy only. There is a lot of heavy goods in this import and export. For this, ships need merchant navy officers and their crew members. In such a situation, those who do this course are selected for Merchant Navy.

How To Join Merchant Navy

If you want to join the merchant navy then you can do it after completing the 10th and 12th classes. You can apply for this job. It has some courses. Which you can do very easily after your 10th and 12th. So let’s see the list of all these courses.

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How to Join Merchant Navy After 10th 

These are some courses, which you can do after finishing your 10th class and joining the merchant navy.

  • Near Coastal Voyage (NCV)
  • Diploma In Nautical Science (DNS)
  • G.P. Rating
  • Commercial Diving

These courses and diplomas are of 3 to 6 months duration. If you do these after 10th and join Merchant Navy, then you do not have any big post in it like any officer level post. You get the job of electricity and sweeper cleaner in this, after joining after 10th.

How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th 

If you want to join the merchant navy after the 12th then you have to follow some guidelines. which is like this.

How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th 
How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th
  • You must have Physics, Maths, and Chemistry in class 12th.
  • Your 12th class mark should be 60% or more.
  • Your age should be between 17 to 25 years.
  • You must be unmarried.
  • Without this, you must be completely physically fit.

If you fulfill all these eligibilities then you will get an entrance exam after this – the Indian Maritime University Entrance Test which we call the IMUCET test. If you crack this test, then you get to do some courses from Indian Maritime University from their top colleges. This list is given below?

  • Nautical Science
  • B.E. Marine Engineering
  • B.E. petroleum engineering
  • B.E. Chemical Engineering
  • B.E. Harbor and Ocean Engineering
  • B.E. NAVAL Architecture
  • B.E. offshore engineering

What Is Merchant Navy Salary?

So know that after joining Merchant Navy, how much is its salary. Salary depends on many factors like when you join merchant navy and how much experience you have for it.

If you join after the 10th then you get a salary from 12 to 20 thousand. Because you do not get any big officer-level posts and you have less work experience.

If you join from engine side then you get salary only 40 to 50 thousand. It also depends on your position and grade. If you join at 4th level grade, then you get a monthly salary of 1 to 1.5 lakhs. If you become Chief Engineering then you get the salary of 8 to 10 lakhs per month.

So this was basic information about salary and merchant navy. It also depends on your interviewing skills and your position and company.



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