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How to Join Raw India
How to Join Raw India

Hello, friends welcome to Studydev. We are going to give you information about How to Join Raw India in this post. You must know that India is a very big country. In this many organizations like Indian Army, Navy, and RAW work.

So if you also want to join the RAW agency at this time then this post is for you. So to get full information of Raw Agency, definitely read the post till the last.

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What is Raw Agency In India

India is a very big country. That’s why we need a strong agency like Raw to protect India. RAW whose full name is Research and Analysis Wing. It is an intelligence agency of India. Which has been established to protect India.

Like ISI works in Pakistan. Similar is the work of RAW in India. We also know RAW as Intelligence Agency. RAW attracts a lot of young people with its intelligent way of working.

You must have heard the name of the RAW agency in Newspapers or Movies. Many Bollywood movies have also been made above Raw. This is India’s Foreign Intelligence Agency i.e. International Intelligence Agency.

It was established in the Year 1968 on 21st September. It has been built to gain the intelligence of neighboring countries and to protect India. Before RAW, the Intelligence Bureau used to do the work of external information for India, which we know as IB.

IB was launched by the British. But when India’s war with China happened in the year 1962, it had to face failure. India did not have any intelligence agency. Which can get the intelligence of China. That’s why India lost this war.

After this, the Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ordered the establishment of the Foreign Intelligence Agency. Which we know today as RAW. After this, there is a huge contribution to the unity and defense of India.

Important Point Related To RAW Agency
  • RAW Agency is established on 21st September 1968.
  • The Head Quarter of RAW Agency is in New Delhi.
  • The agency executive of RAW is Anil Dhasmana.
  • Raw can also be called the invisible backbone of the Indian defense.
How to Join Raw India
How to Join Raw India

How to Join Raw India

If you also want to join RAW, then let us tell you that no fresh candidate is recruited directly in RAW. To join this, you are selected with Indian Army, Police, or other government jobs. Without this, recruitment is also done by the Intelligence Bureau for the RAW agency.

If you want to join IB then you have to give SA exam and the ACIO exam. If we talk about raw joining, then for this you are bound to be in any defense service or civil service. Selection in RAW is done by looking at your past service experience. If your service record is good then you are called for Raw Join.

Some Steps Join Raw Agency
  • To be a part of RAW, you must be a citizen of India.
  • There should not be any police case against you for RAW.
  • For this, you have to be a part of any civil service or Indian Army first.
  • You can study from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration to join RAW. After your studies, you are selected by the RAW team for training after a Psychology test.
  • RAW training lasts for about 1 year and according to the training and performance, the candidate is selected for RAW.
  • RAW does not have any official website.
  • No notification comes for RAW key joining.

How to Join Raw India – Training

  • If we talk about RAW training, then, first of all, you have to do basic training in which you are given information about a foreign language.
  • After this, you are given basic information about other intelligence agencies like Mossad, ISI, and CIA.
  • In RAW training, you get information related to space training, technology, financial, economics, security, and energy.
  • Without this, you are given training in a different language in an organization called Training and Languages ​​in Gurgaon. This is also part of RAW training.
Salary of RAW Agent In India

If we talk about the salary of a RAW agent then it is a very responsive job. So you get paid well for it. After becoming a RAW agent, you get a monthly salary ranging from 80 thousand to 1.50 lakh. Your annual salary package can be around 9.60 Lakhs to 15.60 Lakhs. We have come to know all this information through the Internet. RAW does not have its own official website.

Age Of RAW Agent

To become a RAW agent, you have to fulfill certain criteria. You will know that there is an age limit for all the jobs. Similarly, to become a RAW agent, you must be less than 56 years of age and without this, you are bound to have experience in any government job like Indian Army and Civil Service for 20 years.



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