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MLA full Form
MLA full Form

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What Is MLA Full Form 

MLA – Stands For Member of Legislative Assembly

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Who is an MLA and How to Become an MLA

We call MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly. The Member of the Legislative Assembly is the head of a district and is elected by the elections of the Legislative Assembly. When we make Chief Minister for any state. For this, we choose the most MLA and after that the party which has the most MLA. is made their chief minister. The place where MLA sits, we call it Vidhan Sabha.

How to Become an MLA 

  • To become a Member of the Legislative Assembly, you must first have citizenship in India.
  • You must be 25 years old.
  • You must be a voter of the constituency.
  • There should not be any Makudma/Accusation against you.
  • You must not be Insane/Bankrupt.
  • You must be completely mentally healthy.

Powers of MLA 

There are Five types of power given to MLA. which you can see below.

  • Legislative Powers
  • Financial Powers
  • Executive Powers
  • Electoral Powers
  • Constituent Powers

Benefits To Member of Legislative Assembly

If we talk about the salary of MLA, then it is determined by the state. The salary of MLA of every state is different. But the highest salary is given in Telangana State. Some of their allowances are also included in the MLA salary.

  • Telangana State MLA Salary – 2,50,000 per Month
  • Delhi State MLA Salary – 2, 10,000 per Month
  • Avg. Basic MLA Salary – 60,000 per month

Without all this, an MLA is also given a pension. Even if any MLA becomes MLA for only one day, he is given a pension till his lifetime. The MLA is given a pension of up to Rs 15,000. This may also be different for each state.


So, friends, we end our post on this, today we have told you everything about MLA full form. Without this, we have also told you within this post how you can become an MLA and how much is its salary.

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