Pert Full Form – Management, Medical and Software Engineering (Chart)

PERT Full Form 
PERT Full Form 

Hello friends, Welcome To Studydev. we are sharing information about Pert Full Form in Management, Medical, and software engineering sectors. Pert stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique. If you search every day on the internet pert chart and CPM and PERT full form. so don’t worry I have solved their problems in this article. So read the full article till the end.

PERT Full Form 

Pert stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique. Pert means no certainty about the time frame to do the particular work or project. Pert can also be used for Planning, Scheduling, and controlling the project.

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Pert Full Form – Management and Medical

  • Management – In the management sector pert same mean like Program Evaluation Review Technique. Management is based on planning, controlling, and Implementing the action. So all requirements are full fill the pert concept.
  • MedicalIn the medical line PERT stands for Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy. Pancreatic Enzymes are helped to digest the protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the food where we eat.

CPM and PERT Full Form

CPM – Stands for Critical Path Method.CPM is a network diagramming technique used to predict total project duration.

PERT – Stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique. In such cases where activity times are not known. In the Pert three times, estimates can be used.

  1. Optimistic Time Estimate 
  2. Pessimistic Time Estimate 
  3. Most Likely Estimate 

PERT Full Form in Civil Engineering, Electronics, Job and Stock Exchange

Full Form Category
Program Evaluation Review Technique. Civil Engineering
Partner Evaluation and Review Team Job
Parallel Element Reliability Test Electronics
Portfolio Evaluation Review Technique Stock Exchange


PERT Full Form 
PERT Full Form

Difference Between CPM and PERT

CPM Full form is Critical Path Method. PERT Full Form is Program Evaluation Review Technique.
CPM Is Deterministic. PERT Is Probabilistic.
CPM was developed in 1957 by DU PONT. PERT was developed in 1950 by US Navy.
CPM is used for those projects which are repetitive in nature and where one has experience of handling the same projects. PERT is used for those activities where the time required to complete various projects is not known with certainty. 
CPM is used in plant maintenance and construction work. PERT is used in Research and Development Projects.
CPM deals with the cost of the project schedule and its minimization. PERT analysis does not consider the cost.



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