How To Make Money Online

1.Youtube Channel

First on our list is a business idea. Starting a Youtube Channel of your own. Starting a Youtube channel is very easy.

When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of public watch time on your Youtube channel. So you can monetize it with Google Adsense. Without this, you can also make a good income from sponsorship.


Blogging is one of the most done online work in today’s world. You can do this at your home. For this, you have to make some investment. You can do blogging on WordPress or Blogger.

For blogging, you have to write content and optimize it SEO. So that you can get a good rank on Google. You can earn from blogging from Google Adsense and other sources.

3.Dividend Stock 

Dividend Stock is an idea to make you a lot of money. For this, you need to have money. You can invest your money in stocks. Without this, you can make a good income by investing money in Dividend Stock.

Dividend Stock gives you money as a salary. For this, you have to pick the stock of the best Dividend Stock companies while investing

4. Rent On Your Home

Rent On Your Home This method can be a bit outdated. But it still works today. Because not every man has his own house. In such a situation, if you have the best home, then you can give it on rent.

If your house is very big. So you can earn a good income by renting some of its rooms. You can now register your room online on a platform like Oyo. This will give you good customers.

5.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very good and low investment business to start. This is a job to give you a pipeline of passive income. You can do this very easily with YouTube and blogging.

You can join Amazon’s Affiliate Program for Affiliate Marketing. You can do Affiliate Marketing as a full-time business.

6.Stock Marketing

Stock marketing is a very good source to make passive income. You can invest your money in stock marketing. For this, you need to have some money. Because you need money to buy shares of the company.

 7.Sell Digital Products 

Sell Digital Products This is the most growing business of today’s time. Because nowadays people like digital products very much. Because it is very easy to store digital products.


Services can prove to be a boon for you. If you have any online skills. For example, you can earn money online by giving services like digital marketing, content writing, and graphic designing.

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