HDMI Full Form – Computer, Medical (HDMI Cable)

HDMI Full Form
HDMI Full Form

Hello, friends welcome to Studydev. Today we are going to give you information about HDMI Full form in this post. You are going to get all the information about HDMI in this post. Like what is HDMI, what is its full form and how many types are there.

HDMI Full Form

The full name of HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface. Its job is to transfer audio and video from multimedia devices. High Definition Multimedia Interface used in cable set-top boxes and video games.

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What is HDMI Full Form

HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface

HDMI is used today in all types of TVs, and laptops. Today’s new TVs which are HD, 4k, Blu-ray, are. In it, HDMI support with an HDMI port is attached by the company itself. That’s why today the scope of HDMI is increasing.

History of HDMI Cable

If we talk about the history of HDMI cable, then it was manufactured in the year 2002. It has been started by many companies. Including Hitachi, Silicon Image, Thomson, Philips, Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba. There are four types of HDMI cables.

Types of HDMI Cable

Type Height Width Pins
Type – A 4.5 mm 13.9 mm 19
Type – B 4.45 mm 21.2 mm 29
Type – C 2.42 mm 10.42 mm 19
Type – D 2.8 mm 6.4 mm 19


Merits and Demerits Of HDMI Cable

Merit of HDMI Demerit of HDMI
HDMI supports high resolution at a high refresh rate. HDMI cables, as well as HDMI-supported devices, are costlier than others.
Also, HDMI supports HDCP and 3D transmission. Multiple applications are difficult to run simultaneously via HDMI.
HDMI has a Simple connection to connect devices. There are limitations to field terminations of HDMI cables
In HDMI high definition signal is not compressed at all. HDMI uses DVI interfacing so it needs an HDMI-DVI adapter to connect the audio, otherwise, the audio cannot be connected.
It has integrated audio. video and content protection. While using HDMI sometimes an authentication delay can happen which causes a blanks screen, which is an irritating thing.


HDMI Full Form – Computer, Medical

  • Computer – High Definition Multimedia Interface
  • Medical – High Definition Multimedia Interface
  • HDMI In Hindi – उच्च परिभाषा मल्टीमीडिया इंटरफ़ेस


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