My School Essay in English – 250 Words for Class 3,10 in 10 Lines


In My School Essay in English, we are going to give you all the information about the school. After reading this any child or college student can write an article on My School Essay.

During this post, you are going to get all the information like School Essay for Class 3,4,5, and 10 in all formats 100 words, 250, and some short paragraphs like 10 lines of my school article.

My School Essay in English

If we talk about the school then it is the second largest house of education after the family. Children spend more time in school than at home and here they get to learn new things every day.

Children are taught such lessons every day in school. Due to this, their career is made and children are taught some values like respecting parents, respecting elders and living in harmony with everyone. All these good habits are taught to children only in school.

School is not less than any temple, because it is here where all the development of the child takes place. After this, the child goes to college. But the first home of education is the school. A school is a building made of bricks, in which there are many children and teachers who teach them.

In school children make new friends and how to live with each other. Children learn all these things while studying in school. In the school, the attendance of the children is made every day by the teacher and they are taught something new every day.


My School Essay in 250 Words

My school’s name is Government High School. This school is about 2 kilometers away from my house. I used to go to my school by bicycle every day. Sometimes my friends and I used to walk to school. Very good education is given in our school. I studied in my high school from class 6th to class 10th. I have spent 5 years of my life in this school.

The opening time of my school was around 8 o’clock and the time to come home was 2 o’clock. My friends and I used to walk to school every day around 7:45. After this there is a prayer every day in the school, in which all the children and teachers of the school are also involved. Every day in prayer one or the other child used to speak some new thoughts and get them to exercise.

The environment of my school is pleasant. All the classes are spacious with neat and clean corridors. My school has two gardens located near the entrance gate. In school, we used to get a period of games to play, in which we would definitely play one game or the other. Our school had a big ground to play cricket. We all used to play cricket there.

In school, we had different teachers to teach each subject. All the teachers were very qualified and very polite. Apart from academic studies, my school also focuses on extra-curricular activities. It has yoga classes, dance classes, karate classes, and music classes. We celebrate many events in our school. Two guards are always available at the school gate to help children to reach their respective buses. I feel very proud that I am a student of this famous school.

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My School Essay For Class 3 

My school’s name is Government High School. My school was far away from my home. Every day my father used to drop us at school and when we were out of school, he would also bring us home. My school used to open at 8 in the morning and leave at around 2 o’clock.

My school has a beautiful campus with two big playgrounds. One is at the front and the other is behind the school building. I play dodgeball with my friends at one of the playgrounds. We used to play many games in school like cricket, and football and sometimes we used to play hide and seek. There are roses, sunflowers, and marigolds in these gardens. These flowers make my school look even more beautiful.

There were many rooms in the school, in which children of different classes were accommodated. In school, the teacher used to teach us something on the blackboard with the help of chalk and we used to write it on our notebooks with a pencil. It was really a good day in school.

Apart from classrooms, we also have practical labs, an art and craft room, a music room, and staff rooms. We also have a large library with books on a variety of subjects. They always maintain a happy and fun environment in the school. I truly love my school very much.

My School Essay For Class 10

School is the second big temple of education after home. In this, along with their basic education, children are also taught many social values. So that the child can have full development. Schools play a significant role in shaping the future of children. It is the school that makes the real career of the child and helps him to become a good citizen.

In school, the child learns a lot of new things every day. Like how to write, how to speak, and how to sit. All these things students learn during their school only. In the beginning stage, many children cry about not going to school. But once we start going to school we love it. We make many friends and memories during the school phase of life.

My School Overview

My school was very big, the school building was a single story. The school had a huge playground for the children to play in. The two big gardens on both sides of the main gate make the entrance greener. Before the main building, we have a vehicle stand that is divided into two sections, one for teachers and another for students.

You get to the reception room as soon as you enter the school. In which there is information about the children and all the teachers. Along with this, there was an accounts office, in which the fees of the children were collected and along with this a computer lab and a science lab have been made. A separate cabin for the director and principal is allotted. Teachers sit in their respective departments in their leisure time. Every day there was prayer and some new activities in the school.

Now we are going to give you information about the 10th class in the school. When we were in class 10th, then only we were kept apart from other kids and we were taught more time than everyone else. Our class was made to sit with the principal sir’s office. So that the children do not make too many ends and study well.

My school helps me in developing various skills. It teaches me moral values and etiquette. I learned from school that we should always respect elders and help the poor. It also teaches me to save nature. My school is responsible for what I am today and I am thankful for that.

My School Essay 10 Lines

  1. The name of my school is Government High School.
  2. The school opens at around 8 am and closes at 2 pm.
  3. Our school bus comes to pick up all the children.
  4. There is a big ground for playing cricket in my school.
  5. The school also has a library, science lab, and computer lab.
  6. We have separate classes for dance and yoga in our school.
  7. The school building is a single portion. It has more than 15 rooms.
  8. Prayer is done every day in the school and exercises are also done along with it.
  9. For little kids, my school has a special toy room.
  10. My school is the best and I love it very much.


FAQ About My School Essay in English

Q1. what is the right age to start school?

Ans. The right age to start school is 3 – 4 for nursery classes and 6 for I standard.

Q2. Who was the inventor of the school?

Ans.  Horace Mann, an educational reformer is considered the inventor of school.

Q3. Which is the oldest school in India?

Ans. Founded in 1715, St. George’s Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School is the oldest school in India and the world.

Q4. Who started the first school in India?

Ans. A society was established in 1853 by Savitribai and Jyotirao to open more schools in surrounding villages for girls and women of all classes. It was not an easy journey for her. As she walked to school, she suffered abuse and was thrown dung.


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